Odorless Solvent


Fusion Mineral Paint’s Odourless Solvent is an excellent prep tool to have. Odourless solvent is the perfect substitute for turpentine and mineral thinner.


Use Odourless solvent to remove wax from previously waxed furniture pieces, sticky residue from price stickers, or even cleaning your wax/oil brushes.

How To Use Odourless Solvent:

  1. Soak a cleaning pad or paper towel with Fusion’s Odourless Solvent
  2. Wipe down your surface to remove wax & residue
  3. Repeat as needed, until the wax dissolve or the sticky residue disappear
  4. If the wax is thick, try using some 000 steel wool to remove the wax
  5. Perfect substitute for turpentine and mineral thinner. Used to clean tools and brushes that have been used with oil-based or wax products.
  6. Great for cleaning wax brushes!
  7. Use Odorless solvent before painting metal as a degreaser.

After you have used any rag or brush with Odourless Solvent ( this applies to all solvents ) the correct way to dispose of soaked rags is to lay them flat outside to dry. The solvent evaporates very quickly this way and no longer poses a fire threat. Solvents are highly flammable and although rare, can spontaneously combust which in turn is a fire hazard. Once dry dispose of as normal. Keep safe and Happy Painting!