Wooden Pumpkin Blank


** Due to off season for this item, they are made to order. Shipping within 4 business days. 

Create your own fall/Halloween decor using this pre-cut & sanded solid wood, 3 piece pumpkin blank. Decorate it however you'd like using paint, decoupage, stamps, transfers, or anything else you can dream up! 

Each pumpkin is shipped in three pieces so you can easily finish it to your liking before you glue it together. When glueing, ensure the bottoms of each piece are even and your pumpkin will stand on its own. 

Sample created using Roycycled decoupage paper 'Halloween Masterboard' and DIY Paint's Dark & Decrepit (stain). 


  • Main (back) piece - 9" high x 9" wide x 5/8" thick
  • Middle piece - 6 3/4" high x 6 3/4" wide x 5/8" thick
  • Front piece - 6 1/2" high x 4" wide x 5/8" thick